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Stage international pour copywriters / rédacteurs français

Bereich : MSEO & Localization

Posten : Paid

Anfang :

Dauer: Minimum of 3 months

Functional specification:
You'll have to write French texts for our clients' websites and optimize them according to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards. For every text a short telephone interview has to be conducted in order to specify the content of every webpage. Afterwards you can start the copywriting and drafting the metatags such as Title/Keywords/Description. You'll be delivering the final texts for the webpage, which means it's your responsibility to produce appropriate content. The whole process will of course always be supervised by the Project Manager.

-are a student in journalism, communications, web writing, copywriting or a relevant field
-are a native speaker in French
-have excellent knowledge of English, both written and oral
-are keen to work in an international environment in Brussels, the capital of Europe
-have excellent organizational skills
-have good knowledge of MS Office

We offer you:
-the opportunity to learn about SEO and web content writing in practice
-a unique chance to gain relevant work experience before (or right after) graduating
-an interesting internship in a young and international company in Brussels


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